Не уверен что мод дойдет до релиза, поэтому переводить лень.

Capoletti has taken on a life of it's own, I currently have three different mods which I am compiling into that I call a Mega Mod

Capoletti 1922 - A Man and His Destiny. Adding to the Godfather Homage, we return in time to see Tomas Capoletti trying to make his way in the world, with a deck stacked against him. Since he can't do it right, he'll do it anyway he can.

Capoletti 2 Don Of Lost Heaven (Which while not complete....never complete is playable if anyone is interested - currently undergoing debugging) The war with the other five families for the control of Lost Heaven

Capoletti San Francisco 1942 War Years,the New York Families did not appreciate the Capoletti family wiping out their representatives in Lost Heaven, so they gave Nico Capoletti (now the Don of the Family) the option move to San Francisco and take over the flagging Lanza Family Operation (who have been badly beaten by the Asian faction) or give up everything it gained in Lost Heaven. So the Family has moved and taken up residence on Fisherman's wharf


Lost Heaven Missions

1 Motel Rescue
2 Picolli Drug Hit
3 Salucci Warehouse Hit
4 Race Track Rumble (Boccli Racket Hit)
5 Sewer Hit
6 The Upstart Gang (In the yard)
7 Dock Strike -blow Up the Boat Manuuci Hit
8 Zeppelin Take Down
9 High Rise Hit
10 Maranella Import Hit

Sicily Missions

1 Sniper Mission
2 Smuggle a Person From the Sea to The Don
3 Take a Message to Outlaw Gang Leader (without detection)
4 Blow Up a rival Olive Oil Factory
5 Escape Sicily

San Francisco Missions

1 Dock Take Down
2 China Town Hit
3 Golden Gate Park Hit
4 Alcatraz Smuggle
5 China Town Boss Attack
6 From Pier 9 to Pier 39 chase
7 Cabel Car Hit
8 Alcatraz Hit

Final 5 Mission - Kill Don Picolli (Dam), Don Bocolli (Villa), Don Manucci (Bank), Don Salucci (Airport), Don Maranella (Church NY)

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